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Product Weekly - 2016-10-12
Five articles that will help you continue to grow, and succeed as a product lead. Let me know what you think: I love it! 😍 or It could be better 😐.
Shipping vs. Learning by Mike Davidson
A must read, and a good reminder that successful organizations are those that learn the quickest. Favourite highlight: "shipping can be a great way to learn, but it’s not the only way, and it’s not always the best way."
The Problem with Tech Leads by Brent Baisley
Everyone interested in product management needs to understand what it means to be a great leader, and not rely on their natural ability.
Clayton Christensen: The Theory of Jobs To Be Done by Dina Gerdeman
An interview with the author of the The Innovator's Solution and Innovator's Dilemma. His newest book is looking at how successful companies know how to grow.
Google and The Limits Of Strategy by Ben Thompson
A piece by Ben Thompson on the strategy of Google and their newest phone. He takes a look at a past strategic mistake, and how it relates to the Pixel announcement.
Scaling Conversational Commerce by Brandon Chu
Brandon Chu, product manager @ Shopify, walks through the journey of building conversational commerce for Shopify merchants.

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